Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste Compound


Profile Extra Coarse Cut Paste Compound

Our “liquid sand paper”, Profile Extra is a coarse, water-based cutting compound designed for aggressive compounding on tough resins and gel coats. It removes P600 dry sanding marks from most substrates, leaving a relatively low gloss finish. It is often used in the first stage of a two-step polishing process when high gloss is required.

  • Efficient in action – extra coarse cut for rapid removal of deeper scratch marks from around P600
  • Strong and effective – good for use on hard surfaces such as composites, moulds or old gelcoats
  • Lower gloss effect – leaves a low level shine in comparison to many other compounds, making it suitable for use on stone and granite effect items or in the first stage of a two step finishing process
  • Durable results – contains no added fillers, giving a permanent finish with no risk of die-back
  • Safe solutions – water based with low VOC content for safer working and easier clean-up

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