Profile Polymer Wax Liquid Protection


Profile Polymer Wax Liquid Protection

Profile Polymer Wax is a high performance polymeric wax specially developed for ultimate gloss and water resistance. It is extremely fast and easy to use by hand or machine and is sufficiently liquid to be sprayed onto surfaces using either a small hand spray bottle or pump spray system. It is highly resistant to drying out and can be polished off easily to leave a durable high gloss on most surfaces.

  • Fast – Quick and easy to use making short work of large surfaces such as on boats, caravans, trucks and planes
  • Superb Finish – Delivers a high gloss finish of excellent evenness and clarity even on blacks and dark colours
  • Protection – Highly water resistant providing a durable protective coating repelling many common contaminants
  • Easy Application – Can be applied by hand or machine under most conditions and is resistant to drying
  • Sprayable – Low viscosity sprayable formulation for ultra fast application

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